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Start Smart - Showing Homes

As a new realtor, showing a home is one of the first skills that can make a monumnetal impact in your career. You are trying to present the home in the best possible light so buyers will be able to imagine themselves living there and be eager to purchase the home and move in! Since buying a home can be a decision based more on feeling than on logic, try to make your home appealing to potential buyers by engaging all five sense.

Watch the video below by Marci Slater about the art form of showing homes.

Here are a couple other helpful tips as you start your journey as a new or improving real estate agent:

  1. Clean and Clear the House

  2. Have a gracious welcome

  3. Set a comfortable temperature for the home

  4. Turn the lights up

  5. Create a mood

  6. Use scent sparingly

  7. Provide all needed additional info

We are excited for you as you start this journey as a new real estate agent! Don't worry to much as the art of showing a home is something that can be developed over time.

For more information, resources, and applications to join the Central Arizona Association of Realtors please visit

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