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What are the kitchen features buyers love most?

Side-by-side double sinks and walk-in pantries are the most desirable and among the most essential features in a kitchen, according to the What Home Buyers Really Want, 2021 Edition report, produced by the National Association of Home Builders. The survey was based on responses from more than 3,000 recent or prospective home buyers.

More than four of every 10 buyers said the double sink is so essential in the kitchen that they would be unlikely to purchase a home without it.

More than half of home buyers surveyed rated 20 of 30 kitchen features either as essential or desirable.

Some age groups may desire certain features in a kitchen more than others, the survey finds. For example, millennials (born from 1980 to 1996) and Generation X (born from 1965 to 1979) look for steam ovens, trash compactors, wine coolers, a central island with a range, and even a double island. Baby boomers, born from 1946 to 1964, were less interested in those home features.

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