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Are you a REALTOR® in the Central Arizona area or looking to become one? Seize the opportunity to join an established organization committed to providing all the essentials to help you become the best REALTOR® or broker you can be. 

CAAR can help take your career to the next level. 

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STEP 1: Become A Licensed Agent

If you are at least 18 years old and have a valid social security number, you are eligible to qualify and will need to take a 40-hour pre-licensing salesperson class at one of the hundreds of certified real estate schools around the state. Visit the Arizona Real Estate Licensing Information Center for a list of schools.

Next, you will also need to pass the real estate licensure examination.

STEP 3: Submit Applications to CAAR

The last step of the process requires applications to be submitted to the Central Arizona Association of REALTORS® for approval. 

STEP 2: Join An Association 

In order to have the designation of REALTOR®,  you need to join an Arizona Local Association. 

Anyone with an active real estate license from an approved school may apply for membership, however, only those accepted as members may use the registered trademark term REALTOR®. This is an industry mark that symbolizes one’s personal commitment to real estate as a career and sets you apart as a realtor working on the best interest of your clients with integrity and valor. 

Become A Member

Membership Documents

Welcome to the Central Arizona Association of REALTORS®. Below you will find links to membership applications, dues & fee schedules, and a checklist to aid you in the process.


CAARing For The Heart of Arizona

Reviewing CVs


Please allow 4-5 business days to process your application, and contact the Board Office at 928-474-1944 or via email

if you have questions about membership. We are here to assist you!

Other Forms

Being a member of the CAAR means that you intend to work with integrity and honor. View these forms to obtain other authorization and obtain lockboxes.

Online Shopping

Dues & Fees

Dues and Fees scheduled for both primary and secondary REALTORS®. Get quick access below.

Dues & Fees

MLS Regulations

Learn more about the MLS rules and regulations for the Central Arizona Assocation of REALTORS® by clicking on the button below.

Handing Over Keys

CAARing For The Heart of Arizona

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